The show must go on at The Flower House tonight. New Haven’s Worn Leather and Western Massachusetts’s Blessed State are coming to town, supported by locals Radical Operations.

This was originally a five band bill, with four touring bands descending upon our sleepy hamlet with a well-meaning sneer. But God hates bands with vans. Inflatable Best Friend and Brother Gruesome ended up stuck out in God knows where with a transmission that wouldn’t push past second gear. In a world where the police get a real kick out of pulling over a band on tour, the highway is not a kind place for people who can’t drive faster than 25 miles per hour.

But don’t sweat: the Flower House will not abandon you. Blessed State, as has been noted both on the event page and in their Bandcamp tags, will be bringing some excellent Hüsker Dü-esque vibes. Worn Leather will be bringing some cagey, move-yourself-around-already punk. And Radical Operations, your local heroes, will be grinding it out. They’ve got a song called “Paranoid of Cum” and if that doesn’t inspire enough curiosity in you to consider checking out the show, nothing will.

Six bucks at the door, starts at 7 pm. Facebook event here. Check out Blessed State below.