The Buffalo-turned-Brooklyn based Bethlehem Steel is already five dates into their fall tour with fellow Brooklynites, Painted Zeros. Tonight’s show at Mohawk Place makes an anticipated sixth. After getting some well deserved praise and coverage from NPR following their SXSW performance earlier this year, the trio has been

If you’ve never heard Bethlehem Steel before, a fresh listen introduces you to piercing melodies and a whole lot of fuzz. Frontwoman Rebecca Ryskalczyk’s voice carries a hauntingly somber tone to it that manages to still be bright and hopeful at the same time. If you dig a little deeper into the lyrical content, you become privy to the flip-side of their up-beat energy. The lyrics are equally as haunting. On “Yeah, I’m Okay With My Shit Life”, the last tune of their 6-song album Docking, Ryskalczyk sings, “…If I could breathe under water / I would stay there forever / to feel something / if nothing hurts then I’m failing.” There is a sedative, nonchalant undertone to the loneliness, the failure,  the longing for a better past that makes it raw and relatable.

This show isn’t one to miss, as both headliners are big up-and-comers. Slow Cooker and Pleistocene are also on the bill for tonight. Listen to Bethlehem Steel’s most recent release below.