In 2009, Bethany Cosentino burst onto the indie rock scene as one-half of Best Coast, a hauntingly romantic homage to all things heartbreak, weed and cats. Irony-free, Bethany’s heart-on-her-sleeve lyrics, coupled with the amazing instrumentation of Bobb Bruno, her partner in crime, led to one of 2010’s most unlikely success stories; the Crazy For You album, a record that seemed to excite just about everyone. Equal parts fun-in-the-sun and reverb-drenched Beach Boys melancholia, this was an album the underground and mainstream could both agree on and wrap their heads around. The songwriting was just that strong.

Since that time, Best Coast has released two more albums, reputation firmly intact. Tonight, along with Sunflower Bean, an utterly fantastic psych-pop band with influences ranging from the Smiths to more recent (and fellow Brooklyn based) Diiv, Best Coast will be hitting up the Tralf (7pm, $24) for a night of sheer audio bliss. Surely one of those shows that’ll probably sell out. Get your tickets NOW.