I usually give every band on a bill coming through Buffalo the ol’ college try to see if the gauge my interest. More often than not, a band I’m not familiar with doesn’t do it for me. With this, I was planning on taking today off, but I just couldn’t pass up gushing about Atusko Chiba.

Atusko Chiba is a Montreal-based quintet on the tail-end of a tour all over the United States. The group’s sound is 80% dreamy instrumental, with short bursts of chants. The best way to describe AC would be experimental post-rock (fans of Explosions in the Sky or Mono would dig) with heavy In Casino Out-era At The Drive-In patches. Mohawk Place is set to host Atsuko Chiba tonight with locals Shadow Swine and JeffRepeater. It’ll probably be an early one, so I would get there by 8pm with $5 in hand.