Are you only happy when it rains? Do you want to be the girl with the most cake? Is today the greatest day you’ve ever known? Well, then you’ll want to get down to Allen Street Hardware Cafe for tonight’s 90s alternative dance party. Hosted by DJs Jen and Bill Page( the latter of Transmission), this event will feature on the classic 90s alt-rock hits that you probably haven’t heard on the radio for at least 15 years.

If you’re expecting to dance to Sir Mix-A-Lot or Ace Of Base, this party is definitely not for you. It’s going to be focused on alt-rock, techno, and Britpop, and will foresake many of the decades cheesier pop smashes. So, if jams like “Firestarter,” “Girls And Boys,” or “Seether” (the Veruca Salt song, not the post-grunge band) are your thing, youd be wise to get down to Hardware tonight. Tickets are $5, and admittance is 21 and up. Also, the party will be taking place in the backroom, so things might get a little bit crowded. But that’s just part of the fun!