Stage dive into a mid-week treat tonight at Buffalo’s Mohawk Place for a killer punk rock show.

Headlining are the noisy punk rockers, Alpha Hopper. This hometown four-piece will inject their experimental, power chord-heavy sound straight into your brain and leave you bouncing off the walls and the people around you. Their riffs are catchy and crunchy and their vocals are abrasive and female, it’s the perfect recipe for a good time. Expect old frenetic favorites and new sublime stuff off their recently released album, Aloha Hopper.

Also performing is the Washington, DC rock and roll hardcore adrenaline rush, CDR (Crude Death Rate). If you’re having a bad week and hate your job, this set will be the perfect release to kick you over the hump. Fresh off their explosive new EP, Kill Your Mind and Your Ass Will Follow, CDR pumps out pissed off hardcore that’s sure to get you two-stepping.

Opening acts include Personal Style and Pink Guitars. Show is at 8p; tickets are $5. Show up for the most fun you could have on a Wednesday night.