Chill party. Great bands. Sound like something you’d like to get into tonight? All this and more at Jack Topht’s Sike-O-Delic 7/16 show, held at local music, ahem, venue, the Plymouth House.

Like most shows held at Plymouth House, the start time is more of a suggestion than a rule, and doors open at 9pm for this house party turned musical showcase.

Local music lovelies Jack Topht & Little Cake and Chauncey Tails, along with out-of-town act Schwarz & Kilbourne, who round out the evening with a late-night DJ set, comprise most of the bill, but Gangsta Love (aka Frank Hurricane) and Wume will also be in the building with their unique sounds. Following tonight’s show, Topht and Hurricane will be hitting the road for a short tour so make sure to send them off right.

Because this isn’t a traditional venue, I recommend you BYOBeverage, as well as hand sanitizer and tissues. Trust me on this one. This is an all ages show, and I hope to see you there!