It’s Hip Hop Night at Nietzsche’s  and Buffalo’s whose who of hip hop heads are taking the stage in droves. The new trap boom bap trio 14 Trapdoors, made up of scene mainstays WZA, Short Moscato and Bendyface, are set to perform among a loaded group of city friends contemporaries. Each member’s been making waves throughout the years through their solo projects and collaborative efforts, with biting lyrics and creative song construction remaining themes that crossed through their work. Others appearing from the crew include rapper Dripstarr, Nightmall, CHANGO4, Skate Cobain, Vaporwave, WAY2WAVYBABY, and video authority Be_Daylight.

Doors open up at 8pm – $5 to get in said doors.

Check out the video for “Pocket Protector” by 14 Trapdoors below. Guest appearance from Nick Cage post-National Treasure 3 announcement was a big get.