As you prepare to roam Buffalo in pursuit of a tangible music medium to take home and cherish forever, you may first want to plan out your optimal Record Store Day experience, which should obviously involve live music. Both Spiral Scratch and Black Dots Records will be hosting such entertainment, and they are well within walking distance of each other.

Spiral Scratch has been an important stop during Record Store Day for years. They’re offering great deals to music lovers, and have put together quite a solid line-up of bands which can be seen here. Customers who spend over 50 bucks are being offered a limited edition Spiral Scratch tote bag. The music starts at 12PM and the show is free, but it is recommendable to tip the acts.

Black Dots is new on the scene, but has already kicked up quite a buzz. Black Dots also offers a tote bag for customers spending over $50, and well as other cool deals. They’re making promises of free vegan cookies and beer, and at 7PM are hosting an after-party in the store with yet another solid line-up. This one costs $6 and the proceeds go to Polish band Government Flu, who are currently touring.

Record Store Day is basically a holiday dedicated to the increasingly more niche culture of people who actually purchase music, and the ever expanding culture of those who collect vinyl records that hold great relevance to them. Most importantly though, it is about supporting your local music culture. So hit the streets.