With “Big Crush,” Winnipeg-based three piece Tinge brings a power-chorded banger of a single off of the their EP Big Deep Sigh. “I don’t look like much but baby I can rock your work” croons Anishinaabe songwriter Veronica Blackhawk, lightheartedly drawing in a relatable energy to one of those crushes [cries internally]. Blackhawk’s vocal range and intelligent lyrics bring to mind Blue Album and Pinkerton era “Weezer,” Colleen Green, and Camp Cope while still forging ahead on the strengths of the band’s excellent chemistry.

Definitely check out the rest of their EP on Spotify or Soundcloud! Coming in at just under seventeen minutes, you’ll get through this delightful gem during your morning commute or shower time and undoubtedly like me you’ll be looking for more.