Fresh out of the Big Apple, Tiger Darrow is here with their latest single, “Happy Face,” a song about realizing that your ex might have a type. “Face” reminds us of that weird, uncanny valley feeling when you realize there are only slight differences between you and your ex’s newest partner – most poignantly, a good attitude.

“Happy Face” is a borderline experimental take on bedroom-pop, led by unsettling (in a good way), descending rhythmic keyboard blasts. Sticking around through the chorus will reward you with the song’s stickiest earworm, a staccato vocal refrain that will wriggle its way deep into your brain. Listeners who make it to the end of the song will be even further rewarded by a gooey string and vocal moment that melds strangely well with “Face’s” otherwise electronic backbone. Fans of St. Vincent, Julia Michaels, or Melanie Martinez will find lots to love here.

You can find “Happy Face” on Spotify, Soundcloud, and keep in touch with Tiger Darrow via their Facebook and Instagram. Check it out via the YouTube embed below.