After taking a year off from their holiday shows, local legends Every Time I Die returned to their hometown and brought their annual Christmas shows back to Buffalo Riverworks this past weekend.  Still riding high off the release of their latest critically acclaimed record released earlier this year, Radical, the Buffalo boys made for a weekend to remember for locals and out of towners alike.  With pre parties and after parties on Friday and Saturday, a pre show at Rec Room on Thursday, and a massive curated list of stuff to do in the city, the boys in ETID turned Buffalo into a whirlwind for the weekend.   If you were in local restaurants or small businesses, odds are you saw someone going to the shows.  The energy that these shows produce not only at the venue, but in the city as well, is truly something special. Both nights, ETID played career spanning sets which included some treats for those in attendance.

On Saturday, END kicked things off, followed by Dirty Nil, Spiritbox, The Bronx, Knocked Loose, and Ice T, and of course, ETID. Photos of all the bands that played Friday are below.  Click HERE to see all of our photos from the first night of Tid’ The Season. All photos by Brendan O’Connor (@brendanoconnor139 on instagram).


Dirty Nil


The Bronx 

Knocked Loose

Ice T 

Every Time I Die



Roman Holiday

Romeo a Go-Go

Off Broadway

A Colossal Wreck

Desperate Pleasures

Underwater Bimbos From Outer Space

The Marvelous Slut

Post – Boredom

The New Black


Pigs is Pigs

The Sweet Life

Camping at the Bit

Cities and Years

No Son of Mine


I Been Gone A Long Time



Bored Stiff

The Coin Has A Say

White Void

Decayin’ With the Boys


Map Change

People Verses

Indian Giver