Danish musician and producer Thea Dora brings a fun indie pop gem with her debut single, “Collected,” released January 12. Evoking a sense of wonder and whimsy between the drum machines and her absolute dream of a voice, you’ll feel comfortable boppin’ along to this with headphones or on the dance floor. The closest comparison I can think of is Grimes, but fans of hyperpop or light electronica will find a lot to enjoy here.

Speaking to the track, Dora had this to say:

“I wanted to make something that was immediate, and made me want to dance and sing along. ‘Collected’ is in many ways an ode to letting people in and stop overthinking.”

She surely hits on all marks, and you can hear it on Spotify or Soundcloud. Be sure to let us know if you’d like to hear more like Thea Dora!