Is it an EP if it’s three songs? A question that often keeps me up late at night. Anyways, we have been anticipating the release from Buffalo-based four-piece, The Slums, since we caught wind of their formation earlier this year. Comprised of past members of The Malones, Scales, Strangers, The Boy and His Machine, and recorded with Paul Besch at Quiet Country Audio, the debut already commanded respect long before the release of any material.

On surface level, it seems as though The Slums pick right up where The Malones left things with the first track on the EP, “The Devil,” which could have easily been track seven on the band’s widely popular 2013 release. Where The Slums really start to make it’s identity is with the second and third tracks, “Hot Skins” and “Sore Eyes,” which introduce lead singer Steven Floyd’s growling manic and throatily desperate vocals, a sound we’ve never heard from his past projects. Almost channeling hardcore heavyweights like Every Time I Die or Comeback Kid, the band perfectly counterbalances the Strokes sprinkles throughout the release. Judge for yourself below.

Also, if you have a cool job that doesn’t mind if you are hungover on Mondays, The Slums play their first show at Frizzy’s (?!) this Sunday night with Sleepy Hahas, who are now really into lights.