This Friday the 13th is shaping up to be a pretty lucky day for punk / hardcore fans. Following news of JOHNS’ fresh music video, we’re graced with another golden nugget in the form of a spankin’ new track from Buffalo post-hardcore quarter, The Slums. The track, titled “Plain Pine Box,” capitalizes on that nervous, raw energy that the band has earned their keep with; guitars-a-blaring, chunky bass blasts, and vocalist Steven Floyd’s signature panther-esque growl. Harnessing the grit effectively is no easy feat, but The Slums’ consideration for both tone and tension is evident in this one; the combination makes for an uneasiness that satisfies. Keep ’em coming, boys.

With the band now going into “writing hibernation mode,” we’ll have to wait a little while for more of that Slumsy goodness.” We’ll have plenty more to feast on come summertime.” cites the latest post on the band’s Facebook page. “Plain Pine Box,” like the band’s initial three-track release earlier this year, was recorded with Paul Besch over at Quiet Country Audio.

Check out the video below by Corey Harris, giving a glimpse of the recording process with some pretty cool visual effects.