“Limo Tint” is the newest from San Diego group The Slashes, and it’s the moody post-punk jam you’ve been holding out for. We last covered them mid-2023 with their track “Dead Majesty” (here) and a lot of what we loved then holds true. That is, a fantastic post-punk group that embraces the darker side of things with a huge sound that tips a cap to acts like Interpol or Joy Division but stands quite strongly on their own.

Written in the perspective of saying goodbye to a friend who passed away, singer Esteban Rene’s vocals (wails?) resonate dirge-like in between the guitar and bass lines. The guitar in particular, feels like a mimicking echo after each verse and brings a lonely, haunting feel with it. The bass also does a lot of heavy lifting and is given time to shine, particularly toward the end as it attempts to overtake the guitar duets perfectly with the guitar.

Be sure to check out “Limo Tint” on Spotify, or down below embedded from the band’s Soundcloud.