The Nigh is secretly sneaking into your midnight streams, already too close for comfort, of course. Hailing from Buffalo, New York, The Nigh does our music scene certain justice with their dark release, Fluorescent Sun. The LP as a whole is grey, bleak, and watery. The cover art depicts a “white hole” rather than black, prompting the onlooker/listener to wonder if, sarcastically, that bright something was something always to be out of reach. “…” ushers the wondering wanderer from that thought to a blissfully black fifty-second track that ends in an exciting synth flourish.

Quieted, “I’ll Go Missing” kicks in. It’s a spacious, slightly funky track. The vocals bounce between each headphone. “We could run away just long enough to say I’d go missing,” is the lyrical lick of the song. It’s delivered as if the singer’s ready to run. The chorus is a solid mix of distorted guitar, ringing leads, and short snare rolls. Track 3, “Hospitals” begins with muffled, traveling synths and whispers. Some sort of high trill serves as a guiding light through the misty swamp of a song. “I’d go crazy for you…” beckons within the song before electronic mischief, reminiscent of Nine Inch Nails, takes the song to its cultural drum ending.  “Videos” is a calm reminder of nights spent on a hammock looking at the stars. The mellow rhythm guitar is consistent while the other cries of pain. Phone beeps and an operator’s voice replaces you indoors, perhaps where one finally lets roll the tears spoken of by the singer.

“What’s Left When You Take Away Fear” is definitely a scary sounding title, but the song is awfully sweet, with an upright bass and delightfully plucked acoustic guitar. Staying true to their ambient selves, The Nigh continues their reverbed, vast sound. The tune has quite a bit going on in reality, but somehow, its like you’re standing in front of a wide-mouthed cavern listening to what you think might come out. Song 8, “Hollow Lung” is an upbeat song with a Latin-supported Japanese hook. The simple drums do what needs to be done, and the bass comfortably riffs without taking control. “All I want is my peace of mind,” is the best lyrical descriptor of “Hollow Lung,” as the exit and return of the hook seems to bring that peace to and fro. The song moves seamlessly to “Don’t Wake Up,” The Nigh’s shot at a pop hit on the day-old release. A 1-2-3-4 pulse is the song’s spine. A dreamy synth and beautiful falsetto lightly cloud a structured chorus – the music as a whole seems to pull upwards.

“Poison Love” builds quickly and utilizes an odd vocal outburst to yell “Don’t say so…” and “… please don’t go.” The bass really shines. Sixteenth notes on a non-silibant hi hat are definitely a focal point for most of the tune. Track 10 then fades out lightly. Soon enough, “3x”  begins. A slow acoustic arpeggio and reverb soaked piano fills any present sonic void.  The cracking of vinyl can be heard if you listen closely. It’s a truly mesmerizing song, even though it is so still. Spin around 3 times and hope you fall into the world the band seeks. RIYL The Cure, The Neighbourhood, and Lydia. The Nigh’s Fluorescent Sun is available here for purchase, and below for streaming.