Camden, SC-based act The Mobros bring a raucous indie rocking energy to their latest single “SSO.” This duo of brothers brings a unique blend of straight-up indie rock mixed with elements of pop songwriting and blissed-out psychedelia that perfectly compliments the song’s urgent energy. “SSO,” like many recent pieces of art, was certainly influenced by the stifling atmosphere brought on by the pandemic. About “SSO,” The Mobros say:

“The pandemic had just begun when I started writing ‘SSO.’ I was chronically struggling with a disorder called depersonalization due to stress and old traumas at the time. When I listen to “SSO” now, it resembles a summary of all the emotions I felt during the pandemic. At the time, here I was locked outside of my body in a world that was physically shutting down due to a virus.”

You can also find “SSO” on Spotify.