“Secret Shine” is the tightly produced single from Swedish band The Legends. Spearheaded by Johan Angergård, who has his hands in a lot of projects including Club 8, who we’ve covered a couple times here and here. Additionally, he’s involved with Acid House Kings and Eternal Death and apparently has a penchant for coming up with excellent band names and being stylish as fuck. Seriously, do a Google image search of this man and tell me he doesn’t look friggin’ cool.

The track itself is obviously some type of trick. My buddy Nick could probably explain why, but this track clocks in at 1:40 and does not feel that long or short. Paradoxical? Absolutely. Something with time signatures? Time travel? Who can say? The guitar and bass mesh together in a sort of post punkish/shoegazy harmony, reminding me a bit of bands like Alvvays or Best Coast.

You can hear “Secret Shine” over on Spotify or down below from YouTube. The rest of Angergård’s music is widely available and well worth checking out if you haven’t already.