In what we hope and anticipate to become a yearly staple in Allentown’s music triangle, Herd Fest starts this weekend at Hardware, Duke’s and Nietzsche’s. Outside of this unofficial triangle but very much a part of the action, Spiral Scratch Records, Black Dots and College St. Gallery will also be holding showcases of their own. What is a showcase, you ask? Well, it was when contestants came down and bid on things like beds and trips to the rainforest and Toyota Corolla’s and made chit chat with Bob Barker. What is a showcase in the context of this article, you ask? Well, friends of buffaBLOG were invited to host a night of music at each venue by hand-picking their favorite Buffalo acts.

This Friday, The Good Neighborhood is “holding down” at Neitzsche’s. And what a way to kick things off! I don’t think I’m allowed to pick a favorite showcase, but this might be my favorite showcase. As if The Tins and the Rear View Ramblers (featuring some of the crew from CPX) aren’t enough, FOUR MORE BANDS will be on the bill that night, starting with Dive House Union and ending with Lazlo Hollyfeld, who close it out in one of their customary 1 AM time slots. Once you add Leroy Townes and The Mustn’ts into the mix, you’ll really be getting a dose of everything; bluegrass, folk, jam and indie-pop.

In addition, the Jony James Band is playing during The Good Neighborhood’s cover-free happy hour from 6-10pm, and there will be an all-night instrument donation drive to benefit Music is Art. To hear a clip of each band, head over to The Good Neighborhood’s web site, or just listen to this catchy, offbeat new song from The Tins, which just might be enough to get you down to Neitzsche’s on Friday night.

All-access Herd Fest bracelets are available here, or if you choose to go the individual route, each venue will have a $5 cover, each night. For more, up-to-date info on Herd Fest, check out the Facebook page.