The Gold Watch is a project by Spencer Pope and “What Do I Do” is their latest single released from their album Missing. Right off the bat, I’m hooked by the heavy synth presence that sticks with you throughout the track. The rest of the 3:43 is chill vibes all the way with some light background drums and Pope’s dulcet tones dancing harmoniously with the synth. As per the artist, the track is:

“…about feeling powerless to help someone in a relationship…”

Certainly something many of us can find relatable on some level.

You can hear “What Do I Do” on Spotify or down below from YouTube. If you enjoy this, the rest of the album is well worth a listen (Look Out Mars was another favorite of mine). Fans of Arcade Fire would find a lot to enjoy here, with the rest of tracks being varied so you won’t find yourself getting bored with the same verse chorus verse ad nauseum.