In preparation for another well-anticipated split release via Dadstache Records, the Rochester tape label has graced us with a single on the forthcoming cassette from The Fig Mints (ongoing lo-fi indie rock project of ex-Comfy guitarist Bobby Rogan) / The Real Burnouts (Utica’s premiere psychedelic bedroom warriors).

The track, titled “And So On” and delivered from The Fig Mints’ side of the tape, cashes in on the joys of lo-fi fuzz, bearing resemblance the likes of Sebadoh and Violent Femmes. The song leaves behind some of the bedroom vibes of The Fig Mints’ earlier material, but the indie charm still flows forth, blue and true. Screeching guitars, handclaps, and tambourine—what more could you ask for?

The split, titled “Revitalized Parts / Halo Lacerations” drops on 3/25, and preorders for the tape are now active over at Dadstache. Slam play below to stream The Fig Mints’ “And So On,” and keep your ear to the ground for a single from the other side of this gripping split.