Manchester-based band, The Empty Page, brings a punk-tinged ode to depression and executive disfunction on their single “Level Sedentary.” Taking cues from 90’s Sonic Youth, Pavement, and The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, the meandering guitars and singer Kel’s voice feature prominently. Citing such depressive luminaries:

“I’m Vonnegut/ I’m Plath/ I’m Proust/ I’m Bonnie Grape/ I’m Charlie Brown/Sometimes I wanna sleep forever…” toward the end of “Sedentary” really cemented my opinion on the wit of Kel’s lyrical composition.

While “Level Sedentary” gradually warms up your ear drums and drags you to the couch for a chill day, the B-Side “Dry Ice” comes out kicking with thumping bass and drums. While initially a shock heel turn, you’ll soon find yourself matching Empty Page’s energy and bopping along to this masterclass in indie pop punk.

If indie bands were stocks and I were Jim Cramer I would be yelling “STRONG BUY” with spittle flying from my mouth at the camera. Since this is a blog and I’m not Jim Cramer, I will only say you should check this band out on Spotify and let us know how you feel over on our Twitter.