Making music is not an effortless endeavor. But Rochester’s The Demos sure make it seem that way. Their polished blend of indie powerpop is unabashedly catchy and clean, and the music just seems to flow from them. It’s been a hot minute since we’ve heard a collection of tracks from this outfit (their last release was 2011’s LP Lovely), but the band is still slinging hooks. Their new EP Paramount Clouds builds on the same indie rock foundation as their 2011 effort, refining the formula and smoothing the edges of their craft.

The EP starts as you may expect, a pronounced drumbeat drives a backdrop of synth strings on “I Don’t Mind.” Bass drops in soon after that, but not before vocalist Jason Milton lays a smooth croon down. By the time the chorus hits, you’re left fumbling for the year—the whole package conjures early 2000’s indie rock a la The Killers or The Von Bondies, but with a certain modern charm. The appeal to this kind of music is right out in the forefront—soaring guitar chords, choruses to sing every word to, and hooks upon hooks.

The five-track EP covers all the bases, from the midtempo heartbreak of “Another Day” to the bass-driven hipshaker “Hardly Done.” You’ve got the do-wop indie waltz of album closer “Better,” which gets HUGE at the end with screaming dueling guitar solos and a closing group vocal advisory—“Better not let your heart go.” Throw these tracks on a playlist with fellow Rochesterites Joywave, and you’ve got yourself a perfect workout soundtrack. Just make sure that stairstepper is pretty isolated, because you’ll be singing along.

Paramount Clouds is available on The Demos bandcamp page for a very reasonable $3.99. Check out album opener “I Don’t Mind” below and follow the link to support some quality local music.