Los Angeles is the land of dreams and The Creepy Crawlies are just that – coming in hot (and cold) with their new single “Frozen Lake.” They don’t make you wait through an intro… Their Kinks-vibe vocals come right in along with distinguished guitar leads and tasteful drums that make you want to keep listening. If you’re a fan of The Strokes or The Yardbirds you’re bound to love T.C.C. “Frozen Lake” gives you the good vibes we’re all searching for right now. About the song, Chris of T.C.C says:

“‘Frozen Lake’ is an upbeat ode to feeling like your own worst enemy caught in a spiral of depression and isolation. A cheerful cry for help from under the ice. The lyrics are *insanely* relatable and if the vocals don’t pull you in, the guitar tones will.”

You can find “Frozen Lake” on Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp, or Soundcloud.