The Cat Empire has just released their new album Rising With the Sun.  I wouldn’t put this Australian band into any particular genre because they are a very unique group that incorporates several genres into their astounding music.  Rising With the Sun is a very Reggae-ish album compared to most of their other albums.  With the use of trumpets, synthesizers, and a funky bass, The Cat Empire brings you into the summer with this album.

The second track on the eleven-track album, “Bulls,” is an upbeat reggae song that relies heavily on the piano for the refrain and the reggae breakdown in the verses.  The bass is also a big part of the verses holding the groovy beats together.  Once the refrain hits, the trumpets come in hot, giving the refrain a sing-along effect.  It then cuts into a fast break/ending with the bass leading the way to close it out.

Another track that would explain the unique talents of all the members would be the third track “Midnight.”  This is the definition of a groovy reggae song.  This beat is almost constant throughout the whole song.  With the soft vocals, giving it a Bob Marley effect, and soft, but groovy bass riff, and the reverb on the keys and guitar, this song screams beaches and good times.

I can’t put this album or band into a certain category because songs like “Wolves,” “Blasting Away,” and “Daggers Drawn” mix it up with jazz, ska, and a little bit of punk rock.  They are definitely one of the best bands when it comes to incorporating a good amount of genres and creativity. I recommend listening to this album Rising With the Sun before you indulge into the other albums, but I can assure you, you will be hooked right away.