It’s difficult to pin down the sound of Teenage Satan’s self-titled EP, which places dissonant vocal melodies over a mixed bag of distorted guitars and synths, but the sound is hauntingly dreamy. Daniel Bauer, the sole player behind the release, bares his raw instrumental and vocal style, which works well with the lyrical content as well. Due to the increase in Buffalo DIY labels such as Steak & Cake Records, the city has seen a rise in experimental bedroom projects such as these, thankfully bringing a new brand of non-commercialized independent artists to the forefront.

Despite the dense landscape of weird psychedelic sounds that fills each of these songs, there is clear attention to detail in terms of representing the record’s overall feeling of bummed out frustration (I’m homesick and I’m sick of home/ I’m wallowin’). Bauer’s vocals bring this out in a surprising way, though, bringing to mind early Animal Collective’s Avey Tare. My personal favorite on this release is “Gust,” almost solely for the curious way he delivers the vocal lines. Like a lucid dream or a strange acid trip, this Buffalo artist evokes feelings that are strange and imagery that is engrossing, and this EP is certainly worth the listen.