L.A. based, Grammy nominated songwriter Teddy Geiger, under her moniker teddy<3, just released her new album Teresa. She is coupling that release with her new single “i belong here,” an indie cut that is bursting with momentous atmosphere and layered shoegaze influences. Teresa formed itself out of a formative journey through Madrid that had the artist expressing her deepest vulnerabilities and innermost feelings, pouring her heart and soul onto the page, using the act of writing as a method for both personal healing and spiritual purification. That earnest catharsis is felt throughout “i belong here”, as a pulsing driven rhythm creates a heart filling momentum that galvanizes the layered, reverb soaked guitar textures that change from a laconic melancholy to a feeling of a head rush that would be brought upon by night air of a enchanted Madrid night. The interplay of the lush textures and dynamic rhythm that fades into the haze before erupting from the background again is an intoxicating and heady feeling of euphoria and sentiment. Fans of The War on Drugs, my bloody valentine, and Slowdive will find a lot to love on this track. Here is Teddy speaking about the new single “i belong here”;

“This was actually the first song I worked on for the album. I had rented a 1 bedroom apt in Malasaña in Madrid, to spend some time in the creative process. I tend to lean introvert, and I’ve always spent a lot of time working and processing alone and wanted to reconnect to that. The song is about learning to accept exactly where I am at. It has lots of themes of reincarnation, re-establishing a sense of faith, from illusion to clarity.”

Listen to “i belong here” by teddy<3 on Spotify. Find more from Teddy Geiger on her Instagram and Linktree.