This past August, Tamar Berk released her third album, tiny injuries, a warm cathartic journey through her grief that shows how to accept a thousand tiny cuts, heal, and make their scars a part of you (Check of previous feature on her HERE). Berk has just released her new single off that LP, the indie rock jammer “Permanent Vacation.” Berk’s songcraft and lyricism are adeptly wielded as ear worm guitar lines buzz and jangle with a Wurlitzer melody and brass blasts bringing a warm radiance of sunshine to melancholic lyrics. “Permanent Vacation” has a dynamic range of tones that burst and blossom like exotic fruits on your taste buds, all while staying grounded in the indie-rock 90’s palette that she has such reverence for. Fans of Liz Phair, Pavement, and Ween will find lots to love on the new single. Here is Berk talking about her new single;

“Permanent Vacation” was a song inspired by the first vacation we took after the pandemic. We decided to go to Costa Rica a place I had never been. I am already afraid of flying, but the heightened worry about traveling, airports and crowds of people fed into my anxiety. I kept thinking that somehow I want this trip to change me…and be reborn in a sense. In many ways I was….but when it was over I still just ended up getting back to the daily grind of life. In the end….the experience really only exists in my mind alone, and the way I remember it. The song is about a deep desire to leave your present situation and somehow find something better, but you really don’t have any plan or idea of how to do that. I always hope that moves, changes or even vacations will somehow bring some sort of peace, and it seems like any time I do that I try to have hope that somehow I will find something better….be something better….and be born again.

Check out “Permanent Vacation” off of tiny injuries by Tamar Berk on Spotify, and YouTube. Find more from Tamar on her Website, Twitter, and Instagram.