“Drop in the Bucket” is the lead single off of Cleveland native Tamar Berk‘s upcoming album tiny injuries, out August 18th. A heartfelt, guitar-driven track about the small grievances that build up in a relationship, Tamar brings a nice mix of poppy grunge in a similar vein of Bully, Liz Phair, or Soccer Mommy. With two albums released within the past couple years that leaned more into the pop aesthetic, the rougher edge of “Drop in the Bucket” should prove that Tamar Berk isn’t a one trick pony. For me personally, artists who are open to expressing themselves in different ways while still maintaining their voice is such an awesome thing to behold and something that current fans can appreciate and maybe bring some new listeners into the fold.

Be sure to check out “Drop in the Bucket” on Spotify or Bandcamp and give tiny injuries a listen on August 18th!