Baltimore based band Super City bring us their brand of infectious garage rock with their newest single “Getouttahere,” a track that will surely get your hips swaying and head boppin’. The band really turns their guitars up to 11 and just don’t look back at all – blowing through 2:29 with nonstop hooks and singer Dan Ryan’s crooning vocals. I could try going into the intricacies of how their drums and bass also do some heavy lifting too (or something similarly pretentious) but in all honesty, just go listen to this absolutely blistering track. If you’ve ever listened to The Hives, Electric 6, or Queens of the Stone Age and wanted something that somehow falls between the three bands, *holds up phone to music* LISTEN TO THIS!

Give “Getouttahere” a listen over on Spotify, Bandcamp, or the music video over on Youtube. If you’ve enjoyed this, their full length is due out October 20th on SofaBurn Records. Also, side note, Super City is a cool band name.