We’re really enjoying the peppy indie rock coming out of Hamilton’s Sundried Whales – we recommend starting with their latest single, “Socks.” Bursting out of the gate with turbo-charged guitar riffs and peppy, guitar-driven flavors, “Socks” is one of those songs that would sound most at home during a sweaty basement show or on stage at some dingy dive bar. Fans of PUP, Hollerado, and Jeff Rosenstock are going to love the gigantic energy on this one. Despite sounding upbeat, the song actually has a much different meaning – here’s what Sundried Whales have to say about “Socks:”

“The song’s about the aftermath of breaking up with someone who is very toxic and the trials and tribulations of being a divorced cat dad”

Peep “Socks” via the Bandcamp widget below, or, add it to your fav Spotify playlist.