South African-New York artist Sulene has created an infectiously relatable hit with “What We Had,” the precursor to her upcoming album. Sulene’s self-deemed “nostalgia pop” brings to life a forlorn reminiscence of the past through snapshot imagery and the catchiest of hooks. Her smooth vocals may be the only indication of melancholy as they hover over upbeat drum lines and snappy synths, landing somewhere between a party anthem and a soulful lament. Sulene has no shortage of music biz experience in working with Nate Ruess, Betty Who, and Candy Hearts, along with her own work, and she seems to pay homage to all past relationships built through this track. This is the kind of song to put on when you’re not sure what to listen to, as you will undoubtedly find something in it that you needed to hear. Keep an eye out for Sulene’s upcoming album Strange, out later this year.