Sugar City deserves a lot of credit for the ceaseless work they have done to provide an open and collaborative space for all types of art in Buffalo. Over 5 years old, the arts collective is responsible for fostering a significantly stronger community of artists, musicians, and community activists. Even after losing their original space in Allentown, the organization regrouped and continued their work, sure to go even further now that they have a new space on Niagara Street. Perhaps the key to their continued success is their commitment to  being inclusive, welcoming and offering space to anyone with an idea and the wherewithal to make it a reality. They cannot be thanked enough for making a lot of wonderful things, including last year’s amazing Metro wide art and music show a reality.

So, of course we tapped them to organize a showcase. Sugar City will be taking Hardware over on Friday, June 20 with a mix of established and new bands, two of which were formed as a result of the Queen City Music Lottery earlier this year. In the front of the bar will be an all star assortment of Soul Night DJs on hand to blow your mind with funky tunes from all over the place.

Psychic Teens – Dark garage psych rock from Philadelphia

NELJÄ – Formed as a result of the Queen City Music Lottery

moverealfastSTOP – Formed as a result of the Queen City Music Lottery

Mallwalkers – Buffalo’s masters of punk-funk-get up and dance-horns-they got freakin horns, does your band have freakin horns?

All-access Herd Fest bracelets are available here, or if you choose to go the individual route, each venue will have a $5 cover, each night. For more, up-to-date info on Herd Fest, check out the Facebook page.