“Falling in Love” is the latest from Tyler Thompson, known by his stage name Stinkus, and the first follow-up after his earlier 2024 album that we reviewed here. Musically, this song is so unbelievably relaxing and as you may have guessed…very much a love song. Acoustic guitar reigns supreme here with little licks of the ‘lectric geetar, along with a no nonsense drum beat – putting this very much in the slacker rock/bedroom pop realm.

Fans of Alex G or MJ Lenderman would find a lot to enjoy with “Falling in Love”, as well as Pinegrove aficionados; a one trick pony he is not! There was also another artist named in the credits, an Ocean LeClair, who I assume provided the more feminine sounding lyrics (unless Stinkus just has an insane vocal range). So I suppose if you enjoyed her parts, be sure to give her a listen too!

You can hear “Falling in Love” below from Stinkus’ YouTube page or over on Spotify.