The Herd Fest-ivities continue on this glorious Saturday! Make sure you’re ready to rally by noon today, so you can head over to Record Theatre on Main Street for the Steak & Cake Records showcase.

Steak & Cake Records is a DIY indie-rock label founded by Brandon Schlia (Mink, RED HEAT) that offers professional recording, production, mixing and distribution services for local artists. In other words, it is both a staple and accurate representation of Buffalo’s self-sufficient nature and synergistic music community — separate projects coming together to form something much greater than the sum of the individual parts.

Dozens of wonderfully crafted records have been birthed through Schlia’s studio since its conception in 2011. If you haven’t explored S & C’s catalog on their bandcamp page, I highly suggest doing so now.

This year’s showcase features seven Buffalo (and Philadelphia) based artists that support and are very much apart of the DIY community. From noon to 5:00pm, you can catch Damian, Locals Only, Barometric, Lesionread, RED HEAT, Zealot, and Welk’s Mice (in order of appearance).

With such a solid lineup, and more live music happenings to dig into all night, you’ll be able to have your proverbial (steak &) cake today, and eat it, too.