LA-based St. Kio (aka Filipino self-taught multi-instrumentalist, artist, and producer Nicole Bandoquillo), blew us away with “Falling,” a whirling dervish of a song. An onslaught of guitar energies and swirling drums pummel you throughout “Falling,” a maelstrom of reverb and chorus tones amalgamating together to form something exciting and fun. “Falling” is a testament to St. Kio as an entity, an exercise in pushing musical boundaries as far as they can be pushed… One listen to “Falling” and we think you’ll agree that St. Kio has succeeded in that journey. Fans of Slowdive, Japanese Breakfast, and Slow Pulp will enjoy the hazy shoegazy goodness found here.

You can find “Falling” on Bandcamp, Spotify, and Apple Music.