Spirit Award is a collaborative effort between Daniel Lyon of Pomegranates and Chris Jordan, bassist of Sunny Day Real Estate. “New Energy” is a single off of their upcoming album, The Fear (May 19th).

The track itself starts with tight guitar and drums that sound like they’re in a dead sprint to finish in first. Neck and neck, it turns into one of those Tough Mudder (TM) races as they come up on some more layered guitar with some subtle midi accompaniment, symbolizing that colored power stuff they throw on you (I think, I’ve never done a race in my life).

On the subject of “New Energy” the band had this to say:

“The song is a wishful look into the future. Change or progress isn’t always good as we have seen throughout history. But I believe some things and minds in this world must change in order for us to have a better and more unified future. We can start by looking at ourselves and changing and challenging our patterns, behaviors and the way we treat others.”

Putting their money where their mouth(s?) is/are, the band has said they will donate 25% of the sales of the album through MusiCares. Definitely a worthy cause and all the more reason to check it out on Bandcamp or Spotify on release day, May 19th. “New Energy” can be found at both links as well!