The Fire And Things Forgotten, the celestial debut full-length from Buffalo born electronic musician Suzanne Bonifacio (who records as Space Cubs), is the result of what the artist refers to as a “journey of creative reflection and change” that included a move to Chicago before settling in Charlotte, North Carolina. Drawing comparisons to experimental pop artists like Bjork, Grimes, and Jessy Lanza, Bonifacio’s strength as a songwriter lies in her ability to forge melodic, blissful sounds from underneath an uneasy, murky veil of reverb and restless percussion.

Mostly recorded during a period where the artist found herself living in the middle of Pisgah National Forest, the album successfully conjures the remote, ruminative circumstances of its creation, as is apparent from the atmospheric opening cut, “Back Lies,” with its siren-like vocals and inviting melodic elements. The following track and lead single, “The Eye,” is perhaps the strongest display of Bonifacio’s classically trained vocal range as an alluring melody sits atop static percussion.

Other tracks like “One of Two Ways” and the hypnotic “It’s A Constant” reveal the compelling production characteristics that run throughout the record, as wavering synths and hauntingly processed vocals present an ethereal, weary vibe. Space Cubs has moved forward sonically with a more focused aesthetic while incorporating more abstract, field recorded sounds and broadening her range of stark percussive elements best demonstrated on “Why Are You Resisting?.”

Whether the influences lie in the desolate, industrial leanings of “Still” or the avant-pop and subdued synth work found on the album’s final track, “Longings And Losses,” Bonifacio continually channels various electronic styles in an introspective manner to create a distinctive, experimental style which combines technical prowess with alluring songwriting ability.

The Fire And Things Forgotten is out on Unspeakable Records on May 12th.