Editor’s note: Each week, Cory Perla of The Public asks a local musician to tell us why they love their favorite piece of gear.

Suzanne Lee Bonifacio is Space Cubs, a Buffalo-based electronic music producer. Her latest track, “Pearls” is out now on the L.A.-based label Unspeakable Records.

“Reason is the program that is synthesis has never failed me. I’ve been using it since I started and adore the built in instruments and pretty much only stick to those for my MIDI instruments. AKG is the mic I prefer, as well, for it’s warmth and ageless tone. It just picks up all the nuances and is my closest musical friend. Lastly, this $10 cassette player has aided me on some rad ventures lately. It’s not even a 4-track, but I’ve been using it to record a lot recently. It’s been a ton of fun and even picks up some radio frequencies and buzzes to mess around with. Music comes from music maker, so I am a firm believer in utilizing whatever you have, even a cheap cassette player.” — Suzanne Bonifacio