Today we have a release from Steak and Cake that is certainly worth noting. Sonny Baker, member of a bazillion other bands (Lazlo Hollyfeld, Wooden Waves, A Hotel Nourshing, etc.), has released the first single from his new project that’s bound to rock your face off.

The song is called “You’re a Disaster/I’m a Disaster,” and will be featured on his upcoming, full band EP, Flesh It Out. It’s very reminiscent of old Japandroids: loud, simple, lo-fi, and just plain fun.

The single opens up loud and throws dynamics out of the window. Immediately, we have the framework for the song  — a droning rhythm guitar with a short repetitive riff floating on top of it. The first verse comes in hot with slightly distorted vocals. There are a couple of different time changes in the song giving it a tiny bit of a math-y feel, but overall this is a solid noise rock song.

The song doesn’t show off Baker’s “shredding” abilities as much as it does his composition; he stays very simple with this one, and as is the case often times, simpler is better. The rest of the EP is definitely something to be looked forward to. If you can’t wait until it’s release (look for it sometime later this summer), take your weathered soul over to Curly’s grand re-opening tomorrow night and check out Sonny Baker (with Lazlo’s Chris Gangarossa and Rhubarb/Gravy member Ryan Campbell accompanying him). The trio will be playing the whole EP.

Listen to “You’re a Distaster/I’m a Disaster” below.