Melbourne based artist Sol Bishop brings a intriguing, punk-forward track into his usual hip hop offering with “WRITE OFF.”  Filled to the brim with self loathing about a failed relationship with lines such as “So I tell you that I’m changing/just to see you naked/but it’s still the same shit,” Bishop doesn’t let up much on his self-critique and clearly takes the blame but doesn’t take responsibility (Baby, I’m a write off). A buzzing bass line reverberates throughout that will stick with you long after the final note, certainly more on the punkier side of things while still retaining Bishop’s spitfire hip-hop delivery.

Fans of The Streets, Gorillaz, or even Linkin Park would find this track interesting and may find this a good stepping stone to find more interest in hip hop. You can hear “WRITE OFF” Sol Bishop over on Soundcloud or Spotify as well as several of his other tracks.