Snoop Dogg has been on a futuristic funk wave his entire career. He began as a G-Funk pioneer alongside Dr. Dre and the like on the West Coast in the 90s, sampling George Clinton often on his tracks while offering a hypnotically smooth flow to groove to. Though he’s been relatively experimental in his career, Snoop has maintained the funk influence from his Doggystyle days through his latest album Bushfrom which we get “California Roll.”

The track features music legend Stevie Wonder on the harmonica and background vocals and Pharrell (who produced the entire album) on hook duty. The video is a Jetson-esque look into the future from 1946, with curious appearances of Egyptian symbols and landmarks. Stevie, Snoop and Skateboard P are decked out in black and gold, and Snoop’s slow-motion c-walk might be the coolest thing captured on video. Check it out below.