Danish DJ and producer Snavs has a catalog full of enticing and unusual collaborations, and his latest continues that trend of potent pairings by featuring the killer vocals of Swedish artist Karl Boëthius. Together they bring us the new chill-dance release “Want Me Back,” a vivacious and alluring track with sumptuous vocals and coiled, rubbery synth wizardry. The song feels like cruising through a glistening, neon lit metropolis with brief moments, when the pace slows before the breakdown, that feel like a night’s breeze cooling the sweat on the back of your neck, just before the night life wraps around you, thrilling your senses, filling you with punch drunk momentum. Fans of Lookas, Diplo, or Major Lazer will find lots to love in this alt-pop banger from Snavs. Here he is talking about the new song:

“I got this brilliant vocal from Karl and wanted to create a tight, bouncy dance track with a powerful chorus. A bit out of my comfort zone, but I’m thrilled with the result.”

Listen to Snavs new single, “Want Me Back (feat. Karl Boëthius)” on Spotify, Youtube, and Soundcloud.  Find more from Snavs on their Instagram and Twitter. Also get more from Steve Aoki’s label Dim Mak, who released the single on their Facebook and Instagram.