Yesterday, Small Signals, aka Rochester-based, multi-instrumentalist Stephen Roessner, released the first single, “Whiskers,” off of his debut EP, The Aimless. Currently operating as the drummer to jangle-rock band, Pleistocene, Roessner heads in a different direction with his Small Signals project, channeling aspects of Rivers Cuomo, Archers of Loaf, and Fugazi on the seven track release.

The video to “Whiskers” finds Roessner fighting the urge to cut his very impressive beard until he finds some hairy, kindred spirits to boost his self esteem. If you are feeling uncomfortable about having a beard, you’re more than welcome to come to Buffalo. I’m sure there are a number of girls at the Pink that wouldn’t think your beard is weird.

You can stream the entire EP over at Small Signals’ bandcamp page and in the mean time, watch the video for “Whiskers” below.