Local punk/surf rock act, Slow Cooker, has released the second single off of their upcoming debut tape, titled Another Typo. “Bird Flu” is nothing short of rip roaring, with loud, angular guitar and shouted vocals throughout. The four piece really drives it home with the use repetition in all aspects of the song, especially with the repeated lyric “I’ve got bird flu” ringing in your ears from start to finish. The guitars, drums, and bass all come together to create something rushed and frantic sounding, pushing the listener to the brink on insanity, but in a good way. If you might like a less psych influenced Destruction Unit or the Buffalo act the Utah Jazz, this one is will be for you. After hearing the first two tracks the band has dropped, it seems their debut tape is surely shaping up to be something solid.

You can check out the track below, and you can grab the tape on Friday at their tape release show with Gun Candy, Space is Haunted, and Slow Mutants.

Photo by Greg McClure