Ski Team is the brainchild of Lucie Lozinski, and “Thank You Jalen Brunson” is her latest (Jalen Brunson is the point guard for the Knicks, for the sports averse). Hilariously written as a follow up and refutation to her previous song 2020’s “Knicks Suck,” this is a cheeky pop song and a love letter to a team that has caused no small amount of grief to their fans (but it’s okay, they’re in round two year).

The track itself is filled with light poppy/jazzy accompaniment; a shimmering piano here, a bass riff thrown in here and there. Lozinski’s vocals are definitely the focus here though, because, quite frankly, she has a lovely voice that could give someone whose name rhymes with Sailor Tw““““““““ift a run for her money. The sports references will be lost on non-sports people, but a few pop culture references thrown in will elicit a giggle.

Be sure to check out “Thank you Jalen Brunson” on Spotify or Soundcloud, as well as the prologue track “Knicks Suck” if you want the full picture. Maybe we’ll hear another follow up if the Knicks win it all this year?