Today is going to be a busy Saturday. If you’re looking to get the most out of your all-access Herd Fest bracelet, your itinerary will take you to Record Theatre in the afternoon, Black Dots in the evening, and the Buffalo bustle of Allen Street to cap off your fat schedule at a number of Allen’s finest watering holes. And if you tough it out and stay up and at ‘em for the final show of the night, you’ll find yourself at Nietzsche’s for the stacked, jacked and packed Silo Sessions showcase.

Thanks to weekly videos of Silo Sessions—one of the local music scene’s newest and most unique upstarts—the cavernous natural reverb of Buffalo’s old grain silos has proven to be a valuable sonic entity in one of the city’s coolest new music spots. Since its inception last year, Silo Sessions has recorded over thirty musical performances in the Silos, with genres ranging folk, punk, indie, Americana, and more.

Tonight, the front and back stages of Nietzsche’s will see a solid handful of the artists involved with the new vlog in what looks to be one of Herdfest’s busiest and most diverse showcases. That diversity includes the following, starting at 10 PM sharp: Bourbon and Coffee, Tiny Rhymes, Helen, Lara Buckley, Alex Berkley and Sonny Baker, Viking Moses, Pam Swarts, and Aircraft, to top it all off. If you didn’t buy yourself a fancy Herd Fest bracelet (tsk tsk), fret not—tonight’s showcase will cost you a mere five bucks at the door. See you there.