Shuttle’s newest single just hit, and it’s our first taste of their upcoming EP. “One More Job” is a laid back psychedelic indie-pop cut whose off-kilter charms hook you indefinitely (check our previous feature on them here). Nostalgia dripped guitar lines strum before tripped-out synths take you to extraterrestrial planes and a groovin’ bass locks into a tight drum beat striking you with danceable effects. Shuttle grounds the psychedelic elements of his synths, vocals, and reverbed guitars with rich velvety bass and fat drum slaps that really take the pop track to new heights at the chorus. Here, Shuttle coo’s in falsetto “One more job to do/Then I’m done/Nothing left to lose/If you’re gone” showcasing that all too familiar brain space of chasing an elusive happiness in the promise of the future. The track has some gorgeous builds with synths blooming into a dispersion field before Shuttle cuts them with baited pause, creating a free fall into that juicy bass line to fantastic effect. Fans of Steve Lacy, Tame Impala, and Toro y Moi will find a lot to like on this.

Listen to “One More Job” the new single from Shuttle now on Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud and more. Find more from Shuttle on their Instagram.