The grind doesn’t stop with Buffalo hip hop artist Short Moscato; The rapper, producer and frequent collaborator is back with a new project in Slow Drifting Home that focuses on his skills behind the boards and ear for dreamy sounds.

A member of 14 Trapdoors, Moscato is a scene mainstay relentless with his releases. His latest drop in his prolific output is a 10-track instrumental project with a familiar ambient feel. Album opener “Reincarnation” is build around Kid Cudi’s moans from Kids See Ghost’s “Reborn,” accentuated with some head nodding bass drum. Moscato again flips a recognizable loop of Grimes’ iconic “Genesis” with a mesmerizing boom boom clap. Other highlights include the cinematic ambient soundscape of “redhead gurl” and the bright keys of aptly titled “weed beat.”

Take a listen below and see another side of the scene leader.